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Back To School Emergency Kit

"Back To School Emergency Kit" by gauxfashion on Polyvore

15 School Homework Organization Tips To Make Your Life Easier

A back to school mini homework station to stay organised in and out of school. Heaps of ideas and tips to stay super organised during the school year!

Free Printables!

Printables are the perfect way to stay organised without breaking the bank. I love making and using them myself, and so I hope you find them useful for studying, your day-to-day life or even both....

Here's how you can stay motivated while studying

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by Little Study Spot

Create an Easy to Edit, Homeschool Weekly Assignment Sheet

Create an easy to edit weekly assignment sheet for Homeschoolers. What a great idea to place the week's assignments separately for each subject ON the divider for the subject using Post-it® Notes!- Big Family Blessings #SchoolYearReady #ad