Two words:Cameron Dallas.. and Matthew Espinosa.. and Nash Grier.. and Carter Reynolds...♥ them so much and the rest of magcon

Two words:Cameron Dallas. and Matthew Espinosa. and Nash Grier. and Carter Reynolds. and Taylor Caniff. and Hayes Grier. and Shawn Mendes. and Jack Gilinsky.

you get the limo out front wahooo hottest styles every shoe every color

he is literally the sexiest nerd alive.

So sweet❤

Well Matt you have accomplished your goal because you make me, probably the most broken person in the world laugh and smile. 💕❤😘Love you Matt forever and always.

Awww bae

Awww bae I know you will and I'm so happy for that special girl that gets to be the mum. Good luck on your proposal Cam.

Stop playing with my emotions Hayes bc. if you're really 14 i'm gonna cry.

Me too i am so emotional!

He cried and prayed with Hayes and Caroline. True man if you ask me