Omg xD

Banana-Senpai, Y U No Notice Me?

Banana-Senpai, Y U No Notice Me?<< oh gosh this is amazing I laughed so hard there are tears streaming down my face lol Sorry Apple chan senpai didn't notice you

Taylor Swift <3

Taylor Swift In Boho-Hippie Style. I like the roses for a change in the flower chain.

Miley is beautiful in anything she does.

The 10 Most Irrationally Hated Stars: Anne Hathaway, Nickelback, More

Miley Cyrus lookin like a young lady! She looks gorgeous! Stay with this look Miley, much better! :) she look really pretty. Don't like the color of dress. But love this pic of Miley

Taylor Swift at prom

29 Throwback Celebrity Prom Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

This is what a feminist looks like! Bow down to Taylor Swift!

Bow Down, Because Taylor Swift Just Said the Best Thing About Feminism


Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne, Fur Coat


empty hearts that spare no one


Avril Lavigne's upcoming self-titled fifth studio album isn't due out until November 5 but you can listen to her brand-new album track now! Written and produced with Martin Johnson, has A.