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LIESEL-STRENGTH- Liesel shows an unquestionable amount of strength throughout the narrative. She loses her brother and copes with it. Despite the tremendous amount of pain on her shoulders, she overcomes the loss. Unsure of Max's safety, Liesel hopes that he does not endure any pain. Liesel remains strong during the difficult times.

Find the Fighter in You! For best results, find the fighter in yourself at the start of every workout. We ALL have one, we just forget sometimes to draw upon that strength and motivation.

magicalnaturetour: “Spirit Lion by Rudi Hulshof on ”

Having a bit of fun with Photoshop this evening and came up with this interpretation I decided to call - Spirit Lion. This Lion recently died after struggling for more than a year with a hip problem. He was a real fighter and gave his all to the very end.

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ORIGINAL charcoal drawing on bristol board. This majestic lion will ship to you matted on heavy tagboard in a cellophane sleeve.