ԑ̮̑♦̮̑ɜ~Mandala para Colorear~ԑ̮̑♦̮̑ɜ

Love the half circle/flower (the border is nice too) bc it reminds me of a camera aperture. I also like how it's just showing half of the image, like you'd have to imagine or guess the rest.

Arte islámico- Tazhib persa estilo shamse (sol)-24 | Galería de Arte Islámico y Fotografía

Islamic Art - Tazhib Persian style "Shams-e" -Sol-, holy places of Islam and the Prophet's Family (P).

Çizim; Huri Olcay Sayıner #drawing, #madalion, #mandala

Çizim; Huri Olcay Sayıner #drawing, #madalion, #mandala

Iranian Art, Mandala Doodle, Islamic Patterns, Islamic Motifs, Islamic Art, Arabesque Pattern, Henna Art, Mixed Media Art, Middle Eastern Art

Doodle Drawings, Pencil Drawings, Arabesque, Tray, Islamic Art, Zentangle, Motifs, Calligraphy, Doodles


This would be something that I think Emily would create. It has the Islamic patterns which she values. It has all of this culture in it but it is modern at the same time.


Arabic Pattern, Arabesque Pattern, Islamic Patterns, Mandala Coloring, Colouring, Student Work, Zentangle Patterns, Zentangles, Islamic Art