Deco branches et arbres - Imgur

Three Piece Weathered BarnWood with White Coral Branch Wall Hanging. Add a picture in the twigs.

Корзинка. Плетение из шпагата. | Забавы от Натальи... Really neat little baskets!!

Плетение из газеты, шпагата

10552472_1093989690611725_9090538716165768567_n.jpg (571×866)

I like the swirls that come out of the flower. Very unrealistic.

Décor à la maison, tuile d

Home decor, art tile, Magic in the Water, baby sea turtles by MedicineBluffStudio on Etsy

Fleur de Lis Cuff with Scrollwork

Fleurty Girl - Everything New Orleans - Fleur de Lis Cuff Bracelet with Scrollwork - Jewelry - Footwear & Accessories

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