ukr pattern source:

ukr pattern source:

Patsy55's Azulejo {thrice} || Pom Pom Quarterly



Hats- A Great Resource Here! Four Basic Ways to Increase or Decrease for the Crown of a Hat(depending on whether you start your hat at the bottom- the brim- or the top). And to be Extra Handy, they put all of them into Chart Form!

Textured Aztec Print Tapestry Tote

Beautifl Black and Ivory Textured Indie Style Aztec Print Tapestry Tote by Love Stitch

Wayuu Mochila bottom

Mochila bag Hindelopen-Tapestry,carry your yarnMochila,back loop only,optional yarn under start bottom magic loop every round EXEPT round 22 that has 16 increases .

Фото, автор nin.alex2015 на Яндекс.Фотках

Фото, автор nin.alex2015 на Яндекс.Фотках

Колумбийская мочила. Вяжем жаккардовую сумку крючком

Chi Flow Mochila Tribal Bag Wayuu Trubal bag Sac a by PavanaFit

Wayuu Mochila bag

Mochila reserved for Barbara Church! One of a Kind Nativo Style Large Happiness Wayuu Mochila-bag 1 strand handwoven in Colombia.