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a quote written in spanish on a blue background with stars and ice cream cones around it
Maravillosas Cartillas De Lectura Diaria Para Todos Los Grados CCC
the words in spanish are written on pink and blue paper with stars around it,
various cartoon dogs and their names on a purple background
a cup of coffee surrounded by pink flowers
there is always time for tea with pink flowers and macaroons on the table
Flatlay Inspiration Lee Rachel (@leerachel) on Instagram: “Chilling out mid-week with tea, macarons, @jazminbellau mini heat packs and music through my fave…”
the contents of a woman's purse, sunglasses, watch and other items are laid out on a bed
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a bed next to pink flowers and other items
an apple laptop computer sitting on top of a bed next to a bouquet of pink roses
Don’t worry! The pink is back! Pink is my theme. It’s not going anywhere. Sometimes I just like to post something a little different. Just…