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Pear diamond ring: elegance in simplicity.
Benz & Co Diamonds
Explore the enchantment of our engagement rings, each with its own dazzling diamond cut. Which one is your favorite?✨✨✨💎
Diamonda: Love’s eternal sparkle ✨
Benz & Co Diamonds
Which one is your favorite: white gold or rose gold?😍
Diamonds everywhere 😍💎 // Classy & Clean with Hidden Details ✨💍💠
Benz Diamonds - Make your dream ring come true!
2.68 Carats Lab Grown Cushion Cut Micropaved Halo Side Stones Diamond – Benz & Co Diamonds
3.17 Carats Cushion Cut Solitaire Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring – Benz & Co Diamonds
3 Carats Lab Grown Pear Shape Micropaved Side Stones Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
3.40 Carats Lab Grown Oval Cut Micropaved Side Stones Hidden Halo Diam – Benz & Co Diamonds
2 Carats Lab Grown Oval Cut Micropave Halo Side Stones Diamond Engagement Ring
‏The perfect halo setting that compliments the center diamond rather than takes away from it! 😍 ‏Lined this stunning 2ct Oval Diamond with a row of dainty diamonds hugging right up to it, leaving all attention in the center, but adding that extra sparkle! ✨✨✨
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One of the best shapes that maximize carat weight is Pear Shape! Because of its asymmetrical spread, it gives such incredible finger coverage 💍