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❧ Straw bale Workshop Day 7

Day seven started out earlier than usual as we were ending the day a little earlier and we were loosing a couple of people who had to head home because of distance and work.

There are many ways to reduce or eliminate notching, and this is one of the most innovative! The idea is to build two walls - studs sideways. Then the strawbales go into the frame. Tying the inner and outer studs together will increase strength of the whole wall.  The second innovation here is the plaster...formwork is used against the studs, and the plaster is essentially poured between the forms and the straw...nice and thick for excellent thermal mass and excellent bond to the straw.

This method reduces notching, but uses more cement, or cob fill. Having built a straw home, that is a lot of extra work. An easier way is to frame the walls the exact width of bales!

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