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My Granny Rose used to make the most beautiful quilts and sell them to tourists for several hundred dollars each at the Lynchburg Ladies Shop. Her hands trembled something awful, but that did not stop her.

Sadece üyeleri resimleri daha fazla büyütebilirler.

Sadece üyeleri resimleri daha fazla büyütebilirler.

*TOPRAK ve AHŞAP*: dekupaj resimleri- Sarah Summers

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Lisa Blowers : Welcome Home Calendar - July Calendar, Colored Pencil Drawings of Softly Fragrant Home 7

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The world of comfort and goodness, created by artist Kim Jacobs. Part Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries

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The artist's name is Pomm and I am newly in love. Her work conveys serenity and…