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I am not really quite sure where to pin this, but since it is a painting, I suppose it might go in the home. This is beautiful and I love it. Oil painting "A Jar Of Roses" 20 x 12 inches by Artist NORA KASTEN

A Poem of the Sea - Original Oil Painting on canvas gy Miki Karni

La Dolce Vita. A relaxing painting - Original Oil Painting on canvas by Miki Karni

yellowumbrella3.resize.JPG 400×800 pixels

LOVELY PAINTING - I saw this and instantly thought of you. By Kathryn Trotter - I think I will put framed prints like this in my walk in closet.

Yağlı Boya Tablolar melek

My Beautiful Mommy will have a Big smile on her face and arms opened wide! Love you Momma and Miss you so so much!