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Berke Sönmezışık

Berke Sönmezışık
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what a fun dragonair watercolor tattoo!

Had a blast time tattooing this today, it was lovely to meet both of you More pokémon please!

I've learned so much.. o_o James was right. This is going to be on funny stuff and hints. LIKE AND FOLLOW ME IF YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY

Why Magikarp is the mightiest pokemon. While I agree with most, I don't agree that Gyrados is the worst part of Magikarp. In fact, I think its the BEST part of being Magikarp! And please excuse the language 😅


The Story of Crobat ╥﹏╥ You Matter to Someone More Than You Can Imagine .Well geez now I feel bad for getting annoyed at zubats