Solar system mobile. We've been looking for a space themed mobile. This could work.

Solar System Mobile Make a colorful, educational mobile of the solar system an excellent way to introduce older children to the planets. Get the Solar System Mobile Template and How-To. Info on the inside papers?

dinosaur patterns - Buscar con Google

Printable template for the Sharing Something Sweet craft. Kids will tape or glue two rocket ship cutouts around a sucker. Used on day 4 for both the regular and preschool programs.

Crazy for Cardboard Crafts -

Crazy for Cardboard Crafts

Sized just right for tiny peg dolls, this basic structure can be used to make a dollhouse or castle turret as well.

moon phases!

Oreo Phases of the Moon Derrington (I love this idea! A teacher across the hall from me used this idea and I thought it was the cutest idea! What better way to learn about the phases of the moon than with Oreos!