Leader in me tree. Use paper and pom poms from party city.

I got really stuck on a nature thing when we talked about creating an environment in your classroom so this tree looked really pretty and I thought it would be awesome to have in a reading corner where students could read in the "shade".

Outer Space role-play classroom display photo - Photo gallery - SparkleBox

(Image detail for -Outer Space role-play classroom display photo) I like the constellation outline and planets hanging from the roof.

Ideas for interactive Sensory Wall

This is an AWESOME activity panel.Tap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Check back often for sales and new items. Happy Hands make Happy People!


DIY how to make cool cardboard toys for kids - mailbox, guitar, boat, oven, puppet theater

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How cute is this?? You could probably do a ton of things with it by changing the backgrounds and all too :)

Would be great craft to go with the Eric Carle book - something about "Papa, bring me the moon".Could be cute Mother's/Father's day artwork. "I love you to the moon and back"