Punto algunos cuadrados de la abuelita y nunca reunir esa manta? Esta es una idea ingeniosa de usar de seguridad de los cuadrados de la abuelita y crear una organización de pieza fresca.

Crochet Wall Pockets by tree_bridge. What a fantastic, cute idea! Even the wooden knitting needles as the wooden hangers! I'm making this for my craft room!

piecera - instrucciones -crochet blanket with pattern.

Must be perfect to crochet if you get bored of crochet blankets with hundereds of the same granny! Ravelry: nikpik's Groovyghan link to the free pattern

Para guardar los ganchillos

Not a pattern but I think I can figure it out. you just need 4 granny squares stitched together, add a lining and zipper and you have an awesome wallet/money purse!

Granny Square-Chic Blanket: Sweet Inspiration!

This is sort of what I am going to do with all the different size squares I have crochetted up already :) I love the multiple yarn color idea here !

Diversidad de modelos...

Granny squares patterns by Dana Beach. I don't need any granny patterns right now but how pretty!

Bolsa multiusos granny tejida a ganchillo

lizacorrea's Colourful Striped Bag

Crochet pulsera pulsera boho rosas pulsera pulsera por OnGoodLuck

Crochet bracelet, boho bracelet, roses bracelet, cotton bracelet, wrap bracelet… Tap link now to find the products you deserve. We believe hugely that everyone should aspire to look their best.

Mantenga por Dee... Colorido algodón Granny por LittleBitABling

Hold for Dee... Colorful Cotton Granny Square Bag Tote, Market Eco Bag, Beach Bag

Hold for Dee. Colorful Cotton Granny Square Bag Tote, Market Eco Bag, Beach Bag for inspiration only