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an ornate frame with pink flowers and leaves on the bottom, in gold foil lettering
the words are written in pink and white with an image of a heart on it
Anneler Gününüz Kutlu Olsun 🌷🌸
an open book with flowers on it
Anneler günü kart
an open envelope with the words,
Anneler günü
a flower vase with daisies in it
Anneler günü
an old book with some writing on the page and it's title in russian
a cartoon character holding a flower with hearts in the background
some stickers with words on them that say, i am me and can't
many lollipops are arranged in the shape of hearts with names on them
two round stickers with the words anne and anemon in pink on them
Anneler Günü
the front page of a newspaper with flowers and butterflies on it, in black and white
8 Mart Kadınlar Günü Okul Öncesi 💕 Düriye Öğretmen 🌵 #kadınlargünü #kadınlargünüetkinlik
an old book with flowers on it
anneler günü okul öncesi annemin portresi
an old newspaper with many different types of words on it
Anneler günü etkinlkleri
anneler günü hediyesi
a card with an image of the sun and some words in black and white on it
Anneler günü hediyesi
the back side of a book with an ornate frame and red heart on it, in white
a table topped with potted plants and paper fans
some type of font and numbers on a white background with black letters in different languages
the words are written in different languages, and there is an image of two mustaches
a heart with the words gavi'n baaan written in black ink
Babalar günü
two paper bags with ties on them sitting next to each other in front of a wall
Baba programı
six colorful vases with plants in them sitting on a white counter top next to each other