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The Betenbough Homes team brings you maintenance and other homeowner tutorials that explain routine maintenance for your home.

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stop beeping smoke alarm

How to fix smoke alarms in a Betenbough home

Betenbough Homes' warranty manager, Jaime Perez, provides a step-by-step instructional video on how to fix smoke alarms in the home.

How to reset your disposal

Resetting and Unclogging Your Waste Disposal

Today, our Odessa warranty manager shows you how to quickly and easily reset or unclog the waste disposal in your new Betenbough home.

How to unclog your faucet aerator | Unclogging your faucet

Unclogging your Aerator

Betenbough Homes warranty manager, Stacy Bradley demonstrates how to easily unclog your aerator.

How to change your air filter

Changing Your Air Filter

Betenbough Homes warranty manager, Stacy Bradley demonstrates how to easily change your air filter.

How to use your fireplace in your new home.  #fireplaceinstructions

Using Your Fireplace

Just moved into your home and not sure how the fireplace works? Watch this short video for a step-by-step on how to operate the fireplace in your new Betenbo...

How to caulk or recaulk a vanity

How to Caulk or Re-caulk a Vanity

Learn how to quickly and simply re-caulk where caulk has dried up in your bathroom.

How to restore power in your garage.


Have you lost power in your garage? In our third how-to video, Jim, Betenbough Homes warranty team member, talks about how to reset your garage power through a GFCI outlet on the front porch. Did y…

How to Maintain Your AC Unit


One of the most important things in homeowner maintenance is the air-conditioner unit. Here in West Texas, we know the importance of keeping a cool and comfortable home in the summertime. Maintai…

Drain water heater once a year. This video shows you how! #tutorial

How to Drain Your Water Heater

Our warranty manager shows you how to drain a water heater as part of routine homeowner maintenance.