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Springtime Mickey Bark

Bell pepper octopus and cream cheese dip! Dye the dip blue with some food coloring to step it up a notch! use hummus or other veggie dips. The octopus is a fun idea

Great way to display your dips this summer

The Ultimate Low Fat Diet Plan - What To Eat?

Such a smart idea on how to serve dip on a veggie platter. Such a smart idea on how to serve dip on a veggie platter. was last modified: November…

Havuç rüyası tatlısı tarifi - rumma

Carrot dream dessert recipe - the rum. 1 kg of carrots 2 cups granulated sugar 4 tablespoons of starch ( heaping ) 2 packets of vanilla 1 lemon zest Juice of 1 lemon Pötibör to knee as biscuits

Chocolate bowls :D My sister in law and I tried to do this the other day on our own, and it didn't come out so great. Now our problems are over! Can't wait to try it. I'm just worried about the heat of the chocolate once it touches the balloons. Also, I will put saran wrap between the balloon and the chocolate...

diy chocolate dessert cups - so fun! tkz: Did this one time at a friend's food party. Messy is what I remember. Yummy though - dark chocolate.


fruit tarts Peaches 'n' Cream Pie Recipe Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake Cookies (Gluten Free, Vegan) Apricot tart Crudités with Wasabi Dip // Mo.

Fruit Palm Tree Done lots of funny faces and the like for the kids but never thought of this! brilliant!

Tropical fruit plate - kiwi, banana, sm oranges arranged to make palm trees - cute idea for luau party snack - 1 tree/kid

Flower Pastry-Shells w/ Delicious Filling

Easy way to diy Flower Shaped Mini Lemon Curd Tarts full recipe. Love this Flower Shaped Mini Lemon Curd Tarts. You can fill it with your favorite filling.

yetur'la lezzet kareleri: fıstıklı istiridye kurabiye

lovely yet ambiguous recipe for creme pat-filled shell-shaped biscuits made from pistachio pudding & ground peanuts (recipe translator)