Babero ganchillo

Dress your baby professionally as you teach the business of eating! Your little one will look adorable in this business shirt dickey. This button bib is a great pattern for beginning and experienced crocheters.

Baby / toddler knit vest baby girl knit waistcoat by EvMik

New to TIENenMIEP on Etsy: Kids winter clothes Baby girl outfit Kid clothes Wool clothes Merino knit Knitted winter vest with matching bow headband for children

Cute Little Man Crochet BIB, BOW TIE and Nappy DIAPER Cover,  Photo Prop, 0-3 m £18.50

Cute Little Man Crochet Bib , BOW TIE and matching Nappy DIAPER Cover, Photo Prop ( 0 - 3 months , more sizes available ) Custom colours.

La versione in italiano è disponibile sul sito

Andrea Vest (simple) pattern by Barbara Ajroldi

Patrón ganchillo Pajarita babero - Gráfico y patrón Escrito por Kittying

Bow Tie Bib Crochet PATTERN, SYMBOL DIAGRAM (pdf)Product code: a charming baby boy with crocheted Bow Tie Bib.This crochet pattern includes instruction to extend neck size and bib size to your own needs.