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an avocado painted with acrylic paint sitting on top of a table
a painted rock with a blue door and flowers on the outside is sitting against a white wall
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a painted rock in the palm of someone's hand with flowers and grass on it
a painted rock with two children playing on the beach
a person holding a rock shaped like a light house and a pair of scissors in their hand
a blue circle with rocks and houses on it
small flowers are placed on top of moss
two ceramic figurines sitting on top of a wooden table
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three ice cream cones are hanging on the wall next to two towel holders and one is holding towels
there are many ice cream cones that have been made to look like they're melting
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two pictures with different types of bread in the middle and on the right, there is a basket filled with rocks
24 Painted Rocks that Look Good Enough to Eat!
a hand holding a painted rock with a hamburger on it's bun and cheese
100+ Best Painted Rocks ( 2024 Photos ) | Decor Home Ideas
100+ Best Painted Rocks (Photos, Tips & Tricks )