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Burak Gençtürk
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“What’s Cooking?" by Eugenia Loli. | via Tumblr

"What's Cooking?" by Eugenia Loli, handmade collage changes the saying of "the moon being made of cheese", a sort of an antonym.

Beware, Off-piste skiing!

I find this image to be really creative because it shows skiers and snowboarders on what is supposed to be snow but is actually a white tablecloth Surreal Photo Manipulations by Thomas Barbéy

smooth: “the world is our playground ”

ART: Surreal Photographs by Kevin DowdKevin Dowd is an Irish practitioner who explores themes of consciousness, loss, difference, inversion and abstraction through his.

The Sans Grammar: A Body of Poetics

Juxtaposition - Juxtaposition is a contrasting effect. In this artwork a tree and a bomb explosion are both being contrasted. This works perfectly because the explosion represents destruction but the tree shows life.