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a wooden table with a book and cup on it
13 Geometric Paint Jobs You’ll Love Right Now
a multicolored chest of drawers next to a white chair
5 Living Room Designs with Vintage Mid-Century Modern Furniture
an orange and yellow cabinet with books on it next to potted plants in pots
How to give a mid-century cabinet a colour blocking makeover | Bambetle - a design and lifestyle blog est.2012
a wooden dresser with an artistic design painted on the front and sides, next to a hat
1970s inspired chest of drawers
a wooden dresser with two drawers and a potted plant sitting on top of it
Striped Mid Century 3-Drawer Dresser - Trevi Vintage Design
an assortment of dressers and tables in a room
Zoe Murphy revives unwanted furniture into gorgeous and whimsical pieces
an artisticly designed wooden cabinet with colorful geometric designs on the front and sides, against a white background
Woody A Credenza Bianca Green
a sideboard with an abstract design painted on it next to a chair and potted plant
Mid Century 01 Credenza The Old Art Studio
a sideboard with geometric designs and a potted plant next to it
Geometry Blocking 9 Credenza Mareike Boehmer
an art deco sideboard with geometric shapes painted on it
Happy Girl Credenza Elisabeth Fredriksson