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Why is it okay in Palestine? - Not just because I'm Arab but as a human being this makes me furious.  FREE PALESTINE.

"Apartheid wasn't okay in South Africa nor Germany, why is it okay in Palestine?" – You'd think a people that has been so persecuted wouldn't do the same thing to another people. There is NO excuse.

Snow in Istanbul

Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey tramway Ozer Kurt -- Not only does this site have historical significance, but also has great shopping! If you like Mavi, there are 3 along the main shopping road!


The Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey. The Bosphorus Bridge is one of the two bridges in Istanbul, Turkey, spanning the Bosphorus strait and thus connecting Europe and Asia. It is a gravity anchored suspension bridge with steel pylons and inclined hanger

Basilica cisterns (Yerebatan Sarnıcı), Istanbul

The ancient Roman cisterns beneath the palace walls. A surreal walk through a flooded temple. The Green head of the Medusa sits at the bottom of one of the columns. By far one of the coolest places I've ever been to.