Crochete pattern~ I love this pattern but it takes some time!-- look up crochet entrelac online to find a video on the stitch.

Ravelry: sevkut's Tunusişi Battaniye Ravelry: Link to a Webs Yarn Store video to learn this entrelac crochet stitch! This is the best I have seen so far!

Crystal blue flowers necklace - 2

Today we’ll make a new beaded necklace. It is very simple, the matter are glass beads. The original tutorial is here. So, let’s go to the shop, choose beads and seed beads and go o…

Joining Mini-Granny Squares "as you go"

Joining Mini-Granny Squares "as you go" - Photo Tutorial I've got a large afgan I made out of these but only a little bigger squares when I was very young. Like What was I thinking being so domestic at such a young age.

画像1: トゥーオヤ 木の実のあみあみ ネックレス

画像1: トゥーオヤ 木の実のあみあみ ネックレス

CROCHET ENTRELAC - Stitch Crochet Geek

Crochet Entrelac - Stitch How to make Crochet Geek April 27 Video, Show Your Crafts and DIY Projects.

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