Fotos de Soluciones prácticas - Soluciones prácticas

make a sling to hold small umbrellas in front closet and hang from cafe rod and clips

Poncho - Natural

Poncho - Natural (I'm thinking grannie squares along the shoulder instead of white knits - ?) Items are sold at stores in BC. will try to get there in the next weeks.

Porta Prendedor de Roupas em Tecido

Clothespin bag First one I've seen using a pant hanger instead of a clothes hanger

DIY Lovely Bunny Slippers

DIY Lovely Bunny Slippers

DIY Cute Bunny Slippers - very cute but terrible instructions. I want some Bunny Slippers!

❤︎ ravelry: erikalondon lace edged cardigan months - pattern 'saskia' from debbie bliss's 'eco family' book