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Kick ass illustration.

Childlike and angular illustrations, full of humor and pop and geek references by Turkish illustrator MEKAZOO aka Derin Ciler. From the Gameboy to the Boombox

Blue Red LOVE by SaiyaGina on deviantART #pokemon #gameboy

ginilla: “ I’m so proud to be part of Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode this year! I hope you can go to this awesome expo-party during PAX Prime! It was so rare to find a partner to trade pokemon at that time.

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_+Paterson+project+50+unwell+bunny+.JPG (1600×1065)

Second floor of this epic project in the Paterson building in Collingwood, Melbourne

Beastman / Vans The Omega - 140, Perth - August 2014

Beastman / Vans The Omega - Perth - August 2014