The best thing about etsy is finding handmade treasures. I bought this pillow from a new store owner named Sybil Thompson was adorable! Volee means "fly" in French.

Nice idea to make with all those doilies I'm saving...

Crochet curtain, curtain with crochet doilies - This short curtain is unique window decoration. The curtain is made from cotton fabric and decorated with beautiful crochet doilies. The price is for curtain dimensions [height x width]:


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Kumaş Kırlent Modelleri , Sizlere şimdiye kadar birçok galeri hazırladık…

Kumaş Kırlent Modelleri

here is an idea for we creative souls, I used large damask dinner napkins for fabric and built my own lace designs on top, added a bling inside a hand rolled organza flower in the corner and used chenille on the back, they are fabulous accent pillows espe

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