Billur Taşlıoğlu

Billur Taşlıoğlu

Billur Taşlıoğlu
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"To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it But we must not drift or lie at anchor."O. W. Holmes

cute anchors for tattoo inspiration

Oh my goodness! Can a mouse be drawn more adorable than this!?!?

Mouse Art Print by Syd Hanson. Series with animals that highlight eyes and other features that make them unique.

tree tattoos - Google Search

Back tattoo: tree designs!

Electric Tattoos Oh Great Falls! A tiny part of me misses you <3

I want an X-Files tattoo so bad


The Kiss by Gustav Klimt inspired tattoo. I would love to get a Klimt inspired tattoo, but I fear that the wonderful detail would get lost. This one is done by Speranza Tattoo in Buenos Aires.

Favourite Things | 16 Minimalist Tattoos That Celebrate Nature And The Outdoors

Tree wave and mountain tattoo on the foot

Trending in tattooland? Hele kleine tattoos. En dat mag je héél letterlijk nemen: van één minuscuul puntje tot een schattige pijl of minihartje: less is more (en vooral minder pijn in de stoel van de tattooshop :) 29 keer inspiratie voor tiny tattoos waar je nét geen vergrootglas voor nodig hebt.

Dandelion is a flower of the wilderness that is practically colorless and lacks visual appeal. We have gathered 55 dandelion tattoo designs

Cool little logo.

LOVE that its a world map growing branches. maybe add waves or mts?

tiny tree on the wrist <3

Small Tattoo Ideas including new designs of bird, feather, butterfly and small tree tattoo designs. Small Tattoo Ideas for fashionable girls and men.

Small Tattoo Ideas

negative space animal tattoo ( two elephants) holds special meaning :) gonna be behind left ear