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As the Misty fog flows over the ground a beautiful trio of red deep roses show there bright heads . These roses look so mysterious with the fog growing thicker and thicker behind them but they are not afraid they shine on.

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They were a flowery trellis in the sunrise, sky painted in dulled cotton candy hues and long shadows cast just prior to the glare of sun.

"But I've got better luck in my head; we're just ghosts inside my bed." -This Side of Paradise by Hayley Kiyoko

This image and the words resonate so deeply with me. I, the wildflower - he, who let me roam. The piece not shown: my seed came back home.

He left her alone with her thoughts. And her thoughts fucked her up. And when her thoughts fucked her up she crumpled and shrank inside.

theleoisallinthemind: source: unknown

actually glow in the dark paint isn't that bright, but yannow. Paint some plastic roses with glow in the dark paint, put them in a vase = DIY night light ! omg so cute

The Secret Meanings Behind Your 30 Favorite Flowers

The Secret Meanings Behind Your 30 Favorite Flowers

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