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The color amaranthine came from the Greek word ‘amarantos’ which meant unfading. The word Amaranth was used to name an imaginary, undying flower that was, presumably, a deep red-purple color and there you have the two uses of the word today.

Fuck the Dursleys for abusing a child. Fuck Snape for bullying children. And fuck Dumbledore for leaving a child/children in those situations.

Classic INFJ Traits

My greatest challenge in conversation is not leaping all over the place with what someone has said because I am mentally making so many connections as I listen. classic Traits or Trates lol ;

haha I'd say the run into the wall part is pretty accurate

haha I'd say the run into the wall part is pretty accurate <<< All of these are accurate as fuck. How the Hell can I finally have found a personality type that yet has to prove me wrong?

This sums up how to deal with me in a nutshell. Most people who know me well enough do this stuff without any questions....,others as less helpful

INFJ and stress- super guilty.which is why we'd rather tolerate as much as possible. That's exactly it. When asked this question, I have no answers. But I'm adding this to my repitoire