Addition within 10 (plastic hanger and clothespins)

Clothespin Math on a clothes hanger! LOVE this. Easy to make, and self explanatory. I'm thinking a wire clothes hanger would work better, so the clothes pins are easy to slide back and forth (almost like an abacus).

Addition Apple tree

Going to try this with laminated pieces and round magnets on the pom poms to make a cookie sheet game Simple Apple Tree Addition Game ‹ Mama.

Making a 10 to Add step by step instructions on how to teach it in fun ways and lots of awesome ideas and resources to do it with!

Teach Your Child to Read - Making a 10 to Add is a great math strategy to help students mentally add bigger numbers. Its a skill I picked up somewhere along the way i.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

Wonderful way to introduce and practice addition with preschoolers or kindergarten students.

More on Addition

Teach the spanish number plus addition and subtraction. Little Minds at Work: I love this idea of using die cut hands to work on addition and subtraction

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Zero and negative exponents

Math Misconceptions: zero and negative exponents

Scaffolded Math and Science: Math Misconceptions: zero and negative exponents

Kübra'nın dersi: FEN VE TEKNOLOJİ

Kübra'nın dersi: FEN VE TEKNOLOJİ