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a black card with an image of a lion on the front and bottom, in white text
a red book cover with an image of a man in the background and words below it
an image of some type of text on a gray background
an image of a gray background with the words omden bir kot bak - glamaktann
an image of a red screen with the text'i am sorry to you '
#no1 #mutsuzlar
an iphone screen with the texting app on it and several different colored icons below
#no1 #spotify #canbozok
the text on the pink background reads,'siber - into neyesler neyselfeit gerste de neysse '
No1 SKBR spotify
a black and white photo with the words, we skir club in german on it
the text on the screen reads, hic klimadi lindae hayost birdz
an iphone screen with the text'yagarkenn ben ignde bir ceest yramtm '
a brown book cover with the words'sigary da sei de brikkir
a brown card with an image of a bird in the middle and text on it