Emily would love this piece because it is the study of the moon and stars with Ottoman people miniature picture from century. This a type of Istanbul portrait.

Matrakçı Nasuh-Beyan-i Menazil-i Sefer-i Irakeyn-i Sultan Suleyman, written circa 1537. (Istanbul University Library)

“Brilliant Ottoman cartographer Matrakçı Nasuh made maps that were works of and

Noah's Ark Ottoman Miniature at Ark of Crafts under WORKSPACE category is designed by Taner Alakuş Miniature Gallery.

The first main contributions that the Turkish made to the arts coincided with the zenith of Ottoman power between the centuries. Aside from the splendid and unique Ottoman architecture that can still be seen in mosques and buildings across Turkey.


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[Recueil de costumes turcs et de fleurs] Sujet : Turquie. Costumes Type : image fixe Format : 2 Vol. Format : image/jpeg Droits : domaine public Identifiant : ark:/12148/btv1b69358193