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DIY button stamp tool tutorial – great for pottery, polymer clay, play dough and plasticine

Learn how to make your own texture tools with this DIY button stamp tool photo tutorial - great for pottery clay, polymer clay, play dough or plasticine.

Fully condition your 1/2 block Premo! clay. Roll your clay on the 2nd largest setting of your pasta machine. Use the following cutters and cut out the corresponding shapes 2, 1/4″ rounds for feet 2, 1/2″ teardrops for ears 1, 3/4″ round for face 1, 1.25″ round for body Stack the pieces as shown in the bottom left corner & as described below. Place the 1.25″ round down first. Place both teardrops going slightly over the sides with “points” toward the center. Place the 3/4″ round so its top…

Polymer Clay Elephant Ornament Tutorial This cute little elephant ornament is perfect for the holidays, gift giving, or for the elephant lover. Polymer Clay in granite or silver – block Various sized cutters: round teardrop