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really trying to grow some lithops right now, hope it turns out good like this picture here
Lithops occur naturally across wide areas of Namibia and South Africa, as well as small bordering areas in Botswana and possibly Angola, from sea level to high mountains.
Lithops & Succulent in various colour
1- Lithops _ are truly fascinating little plants. Lithops are perfect for people to grow who don’t have a lot of space because they are small and can grow really well in a pot on the windowsill. Lithops should be cared for like other succulents by watering sparingly during winter and increasing water during the summer months. Placing various pebbles and semi-precious stones around the plants in a pot can really bring out the colours of the plant and add interest.
LITHOPS bowl containing all 35 species. It was made up specially for an exhibit in the NCCPG Heritage Marquee at the 2004 Hampton Court Flower Show.  A guess the number of plants competition to raise money for the NCCPG was organised. It was won by a lady in Kent with the correct number of 149  The Bowl has been awarded a Cultural Commendation by the R.H.S
How have I just discovered lithops?! Succulents that are better known as "living stones"
I want one of each please thank you please
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