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the tweet is being posted to someone on their twitter account, and it looks like
two men in scrubs and white coats one is talking on his cell phone while the other wears a surgical mask
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the comics are being read by people in their bed and one is lying on his stomach
Pros and Cons of being a Workaholic
Holy Bible, Bible
the tweet has been posted to someone about their life and it looks like they are
Save this, as your reminder
some pink flamingos are in the grass and one is holding an orange ball with it's legs
“Oh Wow That Is Ridiculous I Will Take 12 Of Them”: The Weirdest Things People Would Love To Own
an image of some people with different facial expressions on their faces and the caption reads, fun fact audrey heppurn was a big fan of going out and spending time
“Audrey Hepburn is my spirit animal” headass but Audrey I feel u