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two drawings of trees and people in a field by the water, one is painted on paper
Humphrey Repton – Jane Austen in Vermont
Repton's Before and After sketches (Wikipedia)
an aerial view of a large building with a square shaped window on the top floor
Architect- von Heinle, Wischer und Partner. Project- History Museum The Topography of Terror. Location- Berlin, Germany. Date- 2010
an image of different types of flowers in black and white, including one with many petals
Hand-Drawn Trees
an architectural diagram shows the various parts of a house and how they are connected to each other
Urban Elderly Community Center
The Urban Elderly Community Center is the Final Degree Project for my Bachelor of Architecture. The project's site is at Pudu, Malaysia, an aging city which getting deserted nowadays.
an architectural diagram showing the various parts of a building and how they are used to make it
Soft Culture SketchUp Artisan Demo
ОБНОВЛЕННЫЙ КУРС SKETCHUP + QGIS<br><br>Друзья, спешу сообщить о новых возможностях для вашего образования этим летом! Теперь мой курс SketchUp можно приобрести по более выгодной цене, а количество уроков в нем прилично возросло. Я добавил уроки о всевозможных вариантах подачи архитектурной графи..
four different views of trees and buildings
linguagem do entorno
the different types of streets and roads are depicted in this diagram, which shows how each area
Gelo Santelices G. on X
week#3 Creating walk able, urban, human-centered neighborhoods in the Granary District. different city design ideas.