Eylül 2008  Pierre Loti Tepesi  Eyüp, İstanbul

Tea plasure at Pierre Loti Hill & Coffee house Sep 2008 Eyu p, Istanbul For Eng [link] For Tr [link] listening to Istanbul

Ayasofya, İstanbul

Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia), İstanbul-Turkey a great architectural beauty and an important monument both for Byzantine and for Ottoman Empires

Ara Güler  Lost Istanbul: 1950s and 60s

Fondly called as the Eye of Istanbul, Ara Güler is a Turkish PhotoJournalist hailing from Istanbul. He did grow up with the friends belonging to arts circ

Boğaz Köprüsü - İstanbul

The Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey. The Bosphorus Bridge is one of the two bridges in Istanbul, Turkey, spanning the Bosphorus strait and thus connecting Europe and Asia. It is a gravity anchored suspension bridge with steel pylons and inclined hanger

En güzel İstanbul fotoğrafları

A retrospective of Magnum photographer Ara Güler’s photographs from his native Turkey show Istanbul as a bustling, thriving, romantic city in the century


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