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a man in a suit and tie with a fake moustache on his face
an image of a person on a ladder with a dog and cat next to it
the dad tweets about his daughter's chicken dinner
two tweets that have been shared to each other on social media, one has an image of the same person
a woman's profile is shown with the caption that reads, women's pants your waist is 30 inches, there are a size 30
a tweet with an image of a dinosaur's mouth and teeth on it
an image of someone holding a gold cup in their hand and then pointing it at the wall
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the text reads, me kicking strips go on now git gyrocoist stop that
a black background with white text that says not xan about the army's bro
an image of the solar eclipse taken by nasa's crew on march 22, 2013
"Pet Puns and Punchlines: Prepare for Laughs! #PetPunsAndPunchlines"
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