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a martini glass with an olive garnish on the rim, sitting on a napkin
Solar Eclipse Party Ideas, Party Foods, and Playlist
Solar Eclipse Party Food Ideas
a circular garden design in the middle of a forest filled with trees and flowers, surrounded by gravel paths
beautiful natural labyrinth.
before and after pictures of a backyard landscaping project in the fall or early winter,
Hardesty Residence: Before/After | The Garden Artist Boise, ID
a man standing next to a pile of dirt near a wheelbarrow and fence
the house is surrounded by trees and bushes
17 Front Yard Landscaping Secrets That Boost Curb Appeal
a birdhouse made out of bricks and stones in front of a house with bushes
Yard Art- Pagoda
Use stepping stones, concrete blocks, bricks, etc. to make your own pagodas for a little zen space in your yard. I plan to add some moss for more character.
an outdoor fountain made out of wooden blocks
an outdoor fountain surrounded by plants and flowers
Outdoor Garden Columns - Foter
two bird bath stands on a deck with potted plants