Pilgrims at the Kaaba  - Makkah

Mandala patterns everywhere - At the Kaaba (The Cube) Door - Mecca - patterns

Medina, Saudi Arabia, 1996    Thomas J. Abercrombie

Boundless: 125 Years of National Geographic Photography

Medina, Saudi Arabia, 1996 Christie’s Boundless: 125 Years of National Geographic Photography

Some holidays include zakat which is a fasting tradition and hajj which is a pilgrimage to their holy lands in Mecca. Celebrated at the end of Ramadan.

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Infographic of Hajj journey

Hajj explained: Your simple guide to Islam’s annual pilgrimage

Kaba shareef one rare image

Inspirations from Mecca and the Hajj Pilgrimage — by Dustin Craun - Ummah Wide — Medium

Kaaba, 1917 - what a transformation the surrounding area has gone through!

A bird’s eye view of Mecca and surrounding hillsides, August by Samuel M.

Inside the Ka'ba: Yasser Ahmad who was fortunate to enter the Ka’ba on the 30th of May 2015 has posted some photos from inside the Ka’ba on his instagram account along with Arabic captions describing the photos. This is the corner where the Rukn Al-Yamani is located on the outside.

Inside the Kaabah, Makkah This is corner where the Rukn al Yamini is located on the outside.