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Arborist rigging block Lift Heavy, Aluminium Alloy, Can Opener, Blue Ridge, Stainless Steel, Mechanical Advantage
Arborist rigging block
An arborist rigging block is a device used by arborists to safely and efficiently lift and move objects. It consists of a pulley and a rope, and is used to create a mechanical advantage. The rigging block can be used to lift heavy objects, such as trees, branches, and logs. It can also be used to move objects to different locations.
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Portable Winch Kit
The Portable Winch Kit PCW3000FK is a great tool for woodlot owners and occasional loggers. It includes a 700 kg winch, a 10 mm x 50 m rope, a single pulley, and a protective box. The winch is all-position, so you can use it to pull logs up hills or across uneven terrain. The rope is long enough to reach trees that are far away, and the pulley will help you to double the pulling force when needed. The protective box keeps the winch and accessories safe when not in use.
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Every arborist need to properly gear up
Think of what you need to do amazing tree work — we’ve got it!
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Arborist supplies
We have many bucket accessories that will make your tree work easier.
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