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MOC: Modular Pharmacy & Doctors by cimddwc on EuroBricks. I love the round buildings.

That Is A Tasty Burger

Its that Hawaiian Burger Joint! 'That IS a Tasty Burger!-Serving the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast since How I imagine the Big Kahuna Burger restaurant chain from the movie Pulp Fiction would look.

lego modular | Lego City MOC and techniques | A Modular Life

Came across a couple of MOC in the past 2 days that taught me new stuff I think I could apply in my own Lego town. First, a hotel room interior by NewRight that at first glance I thought was a real…

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The BrickGun Book shows you how to build five remarkably sleek LEGO® handgun replicas, like the classic Berreta and a formidable rubber-band-firing MAC-.