www.arabicplayground.com Hidden Pictures by Al Tilmeedh

Beginning readers will love to colour in spaces one by one to reveal a picture that begins with the featured letter. Students will then be encouraged to write the name of the object they found at the bottom of the page.

28 pages de plaisir coloré lettre arabe pom par BusyLittleSeekers                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

You will be able to print out 28 pages of fun colorful Arabic letter pom pom mats. You can also use them as do-a-dot Arabic letter worksheets,

A Muslim Child is Born: Arabic Alphabet Game for Toddlers

Assalamu alaikum, While the crafts ideas are in process I thought I'd continue uploading games and literacy resources insha'Allah.

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages is a great way to help reinforce letter recognition and identification in little learners. Each page has a hidden letter that your learner will discover as they color in the focus letter.

Learn Arabic! Have Fun! - Arabic Alphabet Activity Book: Level 1 (Black/White Edition) By Alia Khaled - Get Your Copy Now $14.95 - Also available at Amazon.com

This Level 1 Arabic Alphabet Activity Book aims to introduce the Arabic alphabet to non-Arabic-speaking children age 3 – Performing the.

www.arabicplayground.com Manuscript Letters Review by Al Tilmeedh

This worksheet set introduces the writing of the Arabic Alphabet letters to your newest students.