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a small toy giraffe sitting on top of a piece of wood in someone's hand
Little Miniature
Little Miniature
two miniature tea kettles sitting on top of a paper plate with writing underneath them
Miniature Tea Kettle Tutorial
three pairs of metal binders sitting on top of a piece of paper next to each other
还是用了2mm的飞机木,做个简单的衣挂~ 把不要的衣钩拆下来,再循环使用~~
a pink and silver object sitting next to each other on a table
עבודות יוני 2012 004
four pictures showing how to make a miniature table
two small containers sitting on top of a table
Bottle Cap Footstools
Wasting Gold Paper: Bottle Cap Footstools
Recycling items for your dollhouse
Here in Bitsy World, we love to recycle and we love all things miniature. So, we combined our two loves and created this miniature dollhouse mirror that is so easy to make and the best part is, it's recycling a common household item that you most likely already have!