Books are real to me

Books are real to me

Books are my life.
Books are real to me
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JK Rowling!!

I love Rick's books, but John Green is an amazing person. I'm just gonna say all.>>>I love John green! >>> This is for rick! You rick troll rorden!

Cute! Baby Percy

burdge: BARELY made it, but i’ve had this idea in my head for Percy’s birthday for a while and had to draw it. i apologize, because i drew it drunkenly- just moved back into my apartment, hence… celebratory drinks. it was unavoidable.

Repin if you are in this fandom

Never overlook what appears to be a mortal object, it just might turn out to be a powerful, monster-slaying weapon ;) <<<< or just a blue plastic hair brush capable of hitting a Titan in the eye