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My Higher-self Speaking to Me

Alright guys, I love to write flash fiction. This is one of the stories, I have written. I hope you enjoy it. My Higher-self Speaking to Me I watched you as you gave

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Short Story: Rebel Angel

Rebel Angel is the only thing I have ever written with someone else. It was written 15 years ago. Rebel Angel was written with Mike Dase. My husband’s

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Death Of A Bully – Cut The Cord

She is powerful, all those cords attached, her darkness everywhere she goes stays behind, her hate. Mystic Brenda reported, I will have to do Gold Reiki and I will have to call on God for his help. Keep your protection with you at all times when she is around. 'Cut the cords! ' I tell

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Death of a Stalker

After waking up and having someone else`s clothes on me with one leg shackled to the floor, I knew I had under estimated Marion. I have to give him credit for being so cunning, I never thought I would ever get tased, especially by an old man, I have no idea what drug he injected

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Hearing But Not Listening

'Hey girlie girl, What is on your mind today?' Asked God. 'You looked shocked.' I am shocked because I finally heard those words, no I heard them before but I was not reading between the lines, I was not listening to their meaning, its like that a lot with online conversations. When Peter told me,

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Flash Fiction: Scream In the Middle of The Night

Here is some Flash fiction for all of you. Usung the prompt scream in the middle of the night. I wrote a flash fiction story that would scare me.

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Last Christmas with Pop

Here is a short story of a magical moment between grandfather and granddaughter.

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All The Numbers

That moment when things make sense, when the numbers mean something. For years I have seen the numbers 6-11 but I never understood them, I often asked people that was close to me or a love interest if they had any meaning in their life and I always got a no. Tonight I went to

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The Death Of You

I walk into the club, I really hate these places the only thing 'good' is the loud music, I can feel the beat all the way to my cold heart, that vibration, gets the adrenaline flowing. I dressed for the event, for you My Love, this is your night. The sexy black dress you love

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It Is All Gone

I have had this since I was 16 years old when I seen my first dead person staring at me from my bedroom door during a thunderstorm. More than not I have never been one to see dead people everyday and I was glad of that, however, when I moved into this one place it

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Last Christmas with Pop

Here is a short story of a magical moment between grandfather and granddaughter.

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Short Story: God's Well

This is a short story that I wrote. You had you write a short story 300 words using the word well. I hope you enjoy God's Well. God's Well Her soul felt like it was on fire. The fire was the burning of her soul from the dark demon that had caught her in his trap. She walked right into it. He had disguised himself as the man she desired. He came to her in the form of a handsome man. He was tall and strong with long blond hair. She wanted him to love her. He asked for a kiss. Although, she…