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Galleries | Jeremy Paul - Wildlife Artist:

Artist: Jeremy Paul - Title: Sparrows in the Rain - Materials/techniques used: acrylics - Inspires, why? The artist has managed to create a perfect background of raindrops while managing to keep the focus on the two sparrows in the middle of the piece

bellafayegarden: my hair was always this long until the age of 21…once again, I am growing it long…one more time… ondulyne: “ The Names upon the Harp - Eithlinn - PJ Lynch ”

Irish Legends - birdsofrhiannon: Eithlinn in the tower by P. Lynch In Irish mythology, Ethniu (or Eithne) is the daughter of the Fomorian leader Balor, and the mother of Lugh. [The Names upon the Harp - Eithlinn - PJ Lynch]


Daydreams keep their blades deep inside their hearts, pain being a constant reminder of their sacred mission. ______________________________________ Part of the series: 001 002 003 004 005 I owed t.