Medieval Linen "Wanderer" Dress Robe I would love to wear these clothes right now I was born in the wrong time I swear I was

GIVENCHY Long Belted Shirt Dress - Lyst-it would be a great abaya

Women's Black Long Belted Shirt Dress

Double Pleats Maxi Dress - Navy Blue

A coat like this, only shorter, perhaps between mid-thigh and mid-calf, would be nice.

SHUKR USA | Chic 2-Tone Jilbab

Chic 2-Tone Jilbab

With their timeless cuts and elegant styles, SHUKR's coats and jilbabs are a sophisticated and traditional addition to your Islamic wardrobe.

Kimono Kaftan Abaya/ Abaya Modern Trendy Islamic Clothing

Not sure I could pull this kaftan off, but I'm in love. Would take this in violet.

SHUKR USA | On-The-Go Abaya Dress

On-The-Go Abaya Dress Save Pecan color This very soft lightweight dress is your go-to abaya for your busy schedule. Easy to care for, just slip it on and go! Look stylish without getting held up.

Embellished Silk Kaftan Gown - Lyst

Women's Blue Embellished Silk Kaftan Gown

Istanbul Abaya

SHUKR's long dresses and abayas are the ultimate in Islamic fashion. Halal standards, ethically-made, international shipping, and easy returns.